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Get Ready For The Most Delicious Escapes!

A new concept is coming your way. You’ve been waiting in anticipation as you watch our chefs work their magic over at Arteastiq Group’s latest offering – The Courtyard Of Chefs!

This European Street-style restaurant serves modern dishes infused with creativity and passion by expert culinary professionals who want nothing more than to bring foodie fantasies into reality through bold flavour combinations.

It is sure to not only excite your taste buds, but also make any palate satisfied.

Travel through the gastronomical scenes of Europe over the simple pleasures of great food and drinks.

A sanctuary where relaxation abounds while experiencing fresh creations based on classic home-cooked recipes; it has become clear why this place was called out when one considers how comfortable dining becomes here.

Expect hearty takes on chef recommendations to the menu additions.

There is something for everyone at our restaurant, from Pancetta Roast Pork Belly (a slab of savoury, juicy pork belly), Gemelli Parmigiana (traditional Italian cheese eggplant spaghetti), Paccheri Beer Butter (which is also known as beer pasta), Al Taglio Pizza to Flattened Potatoes!

It’s a foodie’s dream come true.

Signature Pizza Creations

Find a wood-fired oven standing tall in the restaurant’s open-concept kitchen.

Our signature pizza creations are freshly baked, hand-tossed and topped with the freshest of ingredients and quality cheese before they are baked in our very own wood-fired oven.

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh-baked, piping hot, smoky pizza taken right out of the oven.

Get up close and personal with the ultimate crowd pleaser – Al Taglio Pizza.

Each slice is rectangular shaped and baked in a large rectangular tray. Loaded with tons of cheesy goodness and topped with all of your favourite toppings!

Every slice is chewy enough to satisfy but still fluffy in texture, not forgetting it’s thick crispy edge that has been perfectly layered by our expert Pizzaiolo.

And don’t forget about how delicious it tastes; you’ll be wanting more before even getting halfway through the first bite….

The Amazing
Pancetta Roast Pork Belly

Give it a go with our signature dish, the amazing Pancetta Roast Pork Belly.

It’s an unmissable dish for any true aficionado of flavour!

Sprinkled with aromatic herbs, the Pancetta Roast Pork Belly is an experience that will leave you salivating.

Enhance the flavour by dunking this incredible dish into our homemade sauce for an added flair.

Best enjoyed together with some Small Street Eats such as the creamy Flattened Potatoes, and Gemelli Parmigiana.

You will realise how amazing these flavours truly are altogether!


A ginger kick to your drink? Yes, please!

Our new signature house brewed Ginger Ale is perfect for complementing any meal. With just one sip, you’ll be yearning for more as it is refreshing and carbonated with a fresh snap of spice from our specialty syrup made specially for this brew.

 We hope you stay for a good time, and a long time!


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